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Adapting Your Home Office to the New Normal

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Adapting Your Home Office to the New Normal

MARTIN | Study Desk

It has been almost a year since the pandemic shook the world. From full-blown lockdowns to the normalisation of home-based learning and remote work, the New Normal is something many are still trying hard to adapt to. In November of 2020, it was estimated that about 55% of global businesses [V-FPD1] offered their employees some leeway to work from home. The result of this? A 15% increase in overall productivity.

Home Office Ideas While Your Work from Home

Since we’ve just ushered in the New Year and many of us are still working from home as we enter Phase 3, it is about time we looked into innovative ways to revamp our home offices to help boost our productivity while we continue to hustle hard. A well-designed study or workspace will undoubtedly inspire creativity and productivity. However, most of us do not have the luxury of space since homes in Singapore are small. Considering the space constraints, we have put together a list of home office and study room ideas that you can gain inspiration from for your next home renovation project.

General Home Office Ideas

If you are looking to get your creative juices flowing, then for starters, you’ll have to let go of conventional design ideas and rules before redoing your office space. Something worth considering, is the fact that study room furniture can also be used in your home office. Consider doing the following too:

1. Choose your colours wisely

Ever heard of colour therapy? As a matter of fact, many leverage it for psychological benefits. To set a calming environment that puts you at ease while at work, go for light colours like pastels. Paint your walls blue, green, or purple so that the calming energy radiates throughout your workspace. To inspire creativity, go for bright and bold colours like yellow or boost productivity with blues that enhance decision-making processes.

2. Maximise Your Space

Home Office and Study Room Ideas

MYSTEEL | Study Table

As mentioned, space is limited in most homes in Singapore. Because of this, most bedrooms are sectioned off to have a study area. If you are in the same position, opt for multi-functional pieces that have hidden storage space. Also make use of your vertical space and install wall shelves. This way, you can free up some floor space for more essential furniture pieces.

3. Get Creative with Art Pieces

Did you know that art enhances brain function and well-being? Choose decorative images that fill the office space with liveliness so that a broad spectrum of your neural system, from your motor skills to creativity, is activated.

4. Light the Space Up

We all know how important lighting is in any space. Similarly, in your study room or workspace, ensure that it is well lit. Place a table lamp on your study desk so that there is sufficient light should you decide to work or study overtime.

Key Home Office Elements

Now that you are well aware of the many things to consider when attempting to transform your home office into a productive space, there is one thing left to do – fill the room with the necessary furniture! There are a few furniture must-haves. These include the study table, cabinets and shelves, and a proper chair that offers optimal support.

1. Study Desk

SLOPE | Study Desk

There are classic wooden study tables to consider, like the SLOPE, which will fit in nicely into any corner of your room. If there is a lack of space, multifunctional vintage study tables like IVAN which come with a sleek storage space covered in glass is a practical choice.

2. Chair

Chairs that provide the proper support is pivotal in boosting productivity – think ergonomic chairs like the NEO. From providing posture support, helping with back pain, reducing neck pain, relieving hip posture, improving blood circulation, and boosting productivity – the list of benefits associated with ergonomic chairs is endless.

3. Display Shelves

Depending on your room interior design scheme, you can go for something industrial like the expanded wire wall shelf, or rustic like the CLIMBER. If you are all for minimalism, the Mysteel is a great choice.

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