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What should you do before making an online furniture purchase?

When it comes to furniture shopping, the old adage was "try before you buy." However, with an increasing number of reliable online shops, buyers can now readily find home furniture and decor of all types on the web. Still, you should exercise caution before making an online purchase to guarantee that you get high-quality things at the proper price.

What should you do before making an online furniture purchase? Continue reading to learn more.

read the about page before buying furniture online in Singapore - Loft  Home Furniture

Tip 1: Read the About page of the company

The better online retailers disclose information about their businesses, such as their history and customer service and satisfaction guarantees. The About page of the website should include a phone number or address. Reputable businesses always make it possible for businesses to reach them offline. For example, on the Loft Home Furniture website, you can read our story, our products, and our blogs to get to know us better as a client.

Tip 2: Check out the store's reviews

Several online furniture stores allow visitors to leave feedback for online retailers. While one or two negative reviews can be attributed to one-of-a-kind terrible experiences, multiple negative reviews or a low rating may suggest an issue with the company.

Begin by using Google Product Search, which allows people to rank and review various stores. Users can rate merchants on a scale of one to five stars and provide reviews on products and merchants in the shopping area. First, look at the star rating. Read some of the reviews submitted by others if the store has a three, four, or five star rating. Google users typically post straightforward reviews.

For example, if you want a dining table for your dining room (, you can click on the product of your choice, such as this popular sintered stone stratos gold dining table ( Read other customers' reviews to help you decide whether this dining table is worth purchasing.

Tip 3: Examine the store’s return policy

Return policies should be clearly stated on websites. Do not do business with a website that charges a restocking fee, has a complicated return procedure, or does not allow returns at all.

Look for websites that have a flexible return policy. Customers should be given ample time to return products in stores. Many stores give customers at least 30 days to return items. Examine the website's re-stocking and shipping fees as well. The best return policies include free return shipping or the option to return products to a physical store.

Some stores require customers to pay for return shipping, which can be expensive for large or heavy pieces of furniture. Some stores will also charge a restocking fee, which can be up to 20% of the item's purchase price. Restocking fees at online retailers should be avoided. When reading merchant reviews, look for the term "return" to learn more about other customers' experiences returning items to the website.

Suppose you want to buy a sofa for your living room ( You selected the genuine leather sofa ( because you prefer sitting on leather. You do, however, want to know the return policy in case this leather sofa does not match the overall theme of your living room. To do so, simply go to the sales and refunds section to learn more.

Tip 4: Inspect the shipping fee

Most stores' shipping policies are listed on their FAQ or About pages. Before purchasing furniture from a website, thoroughly review the store's shipping policies. Different stores use various shipping companies, such as FedEx or UPS, and charge varying shipping and handling fees. To compensate for the lower prices they offer on their furniture, some stores raise the cost of shipping or charge a handling fee.

Do not purchase any furniture until you have thoroughly reviewed the shipping and handling charges. Free shipping isn't always free. To attract customers, a store may include the cost of shipping in the purchase price and then claim to offer free shipping. Prices should be compared to those on other websites. If the furniture costs $200 or $300 more on a website that offers free shipping, the cost of shipping was most likely added to the prices.

purchase $500 & more to get a free shipping from Loft Home Furniture

Did you know that if you spend $500 or more with Loft Furniture, you get free shipping? That is, if you want a unique coffee table design for your living room (, you can buy this IVAN ( and get free delivery! That's a great deal when you buy furniture online in Singapore.

Tip 5: Shop at stores with a variety of selection

Shop at an online store that offers a wide range of furniture options to find what you need to furnish your home. Some stores specialize in hand-painted small furniture pieces, while others only sell bedroom furniture. If you shop at a site that sells furniture for every room of the house, you have a better chance of finding everything you need. Many stores offer discounts on shipping when you buy multiple items, and you can save a lot of money by purchasing two or more items from the same retailer at the same time. Furthermore, if you intend to purchase multiple pieces of furniture in the same stain or color, you should do so from a single website to ensure that they truly match. Otherwise, you risk having several pieces of furniture with slightly different shades of stain or paint.

Dining tables are available in over 50 different styles at Loft Furniture ( Do you want to impress your friends and family with a table that looks like a wheel ( We've got you covered.

Tip 6: Purchase from trusted websites

To reduce the risk of identity theft, only purchase furniture from secure websites. When you start the checkout process, you should see details indicating that the site is secure. Examine the page's URL. When you buy furniture from a secure site, the URL begins with https rather than http, indicating that the site is secure. Furthermore, secure websites typically include information about their security policies in their website FAQs. When responding to promotional emails, use caution and look for assurances that the email is valid and secure before clicking on any links in the email. Before making any purchases, look for signs that the website you are visiting is secure after you click a link.

Loft Furniture is also a Singaporean Online Furniture Store. You may notice a lock icon somewhere near the bottom of our web page; this is an indication of website security. To learn more about the website's security measures, double-click the lock icon.

measurement checking - specification of a coffee table - loft home furniture

Tip 7: Scrutinize the furniture measurements carefully

Don't simply assume that the piece will fit where you want it to; pictures can be deceiving. When measuring the room, double-check the measurements for the length and width of the furniture. Additionally, ensure that doorways and hallways are free of obstructions. Consider how the furniture will fit into the room and, if necessary, seek a second opinion before bringing it into your home. A friend purchased a massive couch for an upstairs sitting room. When the furniture arrived, he discovered that the couch couldn't fit around a stairwell bend. If the website does not provide measurements for the furniture, you can call the toll-free number on the website and ask a representative to provide you with the actual measurements.

You're pretty sure you want an L-shaped sofa in your living room ( You know the dimensions of your ideal sofa size that will fit perfectly in your living room. All you have to do is check the official measurements on our website to see if they match the measurements you require. If so, you can buy the CAMMY L-shaped fabric sofa ( with confidence.


You're ready to get your dream furniture for your dream home now that you've learned the seven most important things to do before making an online furniture purchase.

At Loft Furniture, we make the process of purchasing furniture more enjoyable and simple for you. All furniture designs are modern and in the client's personal style. All prices are reasonable and lower than the market rate. We also deliver throughout Singapore and are well-known for our speedy service.

Visit our website today to see the three collections.

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